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Full Control of the Personal Identity

Verico unites visionaries, developer talents and leaders with over 20 years of experience in the verification space under one roof. Thanks to existing collaborations, Verico has access to millions of users, which can be integrated right from the start. These special conditions enable Verico to create a unique and stable system from the very beginning with high demand and increasing value. Such an system benefits both, users and providers of services on the Internet. Vericos goal is to finally give the user full control of his personal data.

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For Users

For Providers

Innovative Identity Management

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Verico use cases

The use cases are almost unlimited

Verico can be deployed anywhere where identification of identities is mandatory or sharing them will benefit users. The targeted core business of Verico is the identity verification and in particular the crypto and FIAT currency business.

Hybrid Network

Many advantages and new solutions

Blockchain and decentralization are not unjustifiably getting more and more attention, because they offer many advantages and new solutions for the implementation of new concepts. In addition to the mandatory token functions, for example, sidechains offer an ideal medium for storing and providing the data key. But blockchains also have their drawbacks and limitations. For example, Verico also has areas where conventional server technology is more effective or unavoidable. Thats why Verico Blockchain combines local storage, server and cloud technology where it makes the most sense and is the most practical for every single feature - always for the benefit of the user.'